Health Systems Management Consulting

AAA HealthCare has been playing a key role as a strategic advisor to not-for-profit organisations and state governments in various health related areas. We bring in our learnings from our experience and knowledge form diverse areas, and our multi-disciplinary approach in helping our clients achieve their objectives. We believe in the principles of efficiency, equity, accessibility, affordability and safe care to achieve universal coverage of health services for all.


Our broad work areas include:


Review and understanding of health ecosystem in the state.
We help our clients understand the current scenario of health ecosystem may it be public or private sector in a state. Our approach involves not only studying the medical resources and allied parameters but also studying socioeconomic conditions in the state that affect the healthcare scenario. This enables us to design practical and cost-effective solutions which are accessible to the end users and at an affordable cost.

Healthcare services demand and supply analysis
There is large gap in healthcare demand and supply in our country especially in economically weak states in our country. Potential investors in healthcare always seek to understand the supply gap and scope for providing services. At AAA Healthcare we leverage our expertise and analytical capabilities to understand the demand and supply gap for a particular service.

Designing and review of health programmes or initiatives
Health problems that persist in communities are diverse and context specific. We believe that health programmes or initiatives must be designed and implemented in consultation with local stakeholders including public. We design health initiatives which are relevant and acceptable for the local communities. We also structure programmes to track them using SMART goals (specific, measurable, attainable, relevant and time-bound)

Process restructuring
Resources are scarce in healthcare and especially in not-for-profit sector. It is imperative to achieve efficiency without compromising accessibility and affordability of services. We identify the inefficiencies and provide restructuring solutions to our clients.

Process for developing state advisory reports