Consultancy & Management

A good advisor sees things from every angle- the micro decisions, the macro impact as well as the connectivity between big picture forces and the challenges they drive. Good advisors are thought partners with their clients, helping to develop and implement concrete strategies and plans that bear meaningful results. That’s exactly what AAA HealthCare does for its clients. Being from the industry our experience and knowledge allows us to carve out multi-disciplinary approach towards the problem at hand.

Consultancy & Management

Our Service Offerings:

We provide services in setting up health care facilities across the globe. Right from identifying the geography/plot of land to partnering with the client until the project goes live. We believe in spotless execution of our strategy and ensure that whatever we design in conjunction with our client is implemented perfectly to the last detail. We specialize in business strategy planning, hospital planning and design, medical equipment planning and procurement, human resource advisory, information technology, hospital commissioning, human resource planning, fire safety management, disaster management preparation and project management.


Greenfield Services:

  1. Project Conceptualization
    1. Market research
    2. Need analysis
    3. Market feasibility report
    4. Financial feasibility report
    5. Business modelling
    6. Demand Modelling
    7. Product line planning
    8. Detailed Project Report
  2. Architecture Support
    1. Incorporation of design principles to develop the best design
    2. Assistance in support services planning
  3. Facility planning
    1. Room Data Sheets
    2. Support Services Planning
    3. Interior Design
    4. Acquisition of Medical Equipment
    5. Medical Furniture planning
    6. Human Resource Planning
    7. Hospital Information Management System
  1. Commissioning
    1. Developing the vision and mission of the hospital
    2. Manpower recruitment assistance
    3. Procurement of medical equipment and furniture
    4. Development of organograms
    5. Job descriptions
    6. Designing Salary Structure
    7. Designing Staff Structure
    8. Standard Operating Procedures
    9. Linen and Uniforms
    10. Marketing
    11. Branding
    12. Stationery, Crockery and Cutlery
    13. Mock Drills and Scenarios

We work with existing healthcare delivery set-ups in helping them improve their daily operations and weave in process efficiency. We cater to hospital space planning, hospital operations management, in clinical programs improvement, laboratory management, nursing management, radiology and imaging management, hospital support and facility services, fire safety management , disaster management preparation and overall quality assurance of processes (clinical & non-clinical)


Brownfield Services:

  1. Facility assessment
  2. Bench-marking against standards
  3. Strategic direction setting
  4. Financial and operational excellence
  5. Technology implementation & optimization
  6. Consumer engagement strategies
  7. Network development

We bring about reform by redesigning care delivery and develop a clear vision for ushering in a transition to value based care. Scope of services: –

  • Governance
  • Management structure
  • Commissioning workup (as applicable)
  • Operations management
  • Business management