Health Systems Management Consulting

National Projects – Maharastra State Employees Insurance Corporation (Tata Trusts)

Aim: Strategic plan for formation of Maharashtra Employees State Insurance Corporation (M.E.S.I.C.)


  • Reassessment of the current situation of the state owned and centralized hospitals of Maharashtra
  • Analysis of other state owned corporations

Recommendations :

  • Steps for creation of Centralized Corporation
  • Robust mechanism for an efficiently running health care delivery system
  • Laid out governance structures, formation of various committees
  • Ways for improvement in the existing systems, capacity building, use f IT tools etc.
  • Revenue generation plan for self sustenance

National Projects – Maharashtra State Medical Supplies Corporation (Tata Trusts)

Aim: To implement  Centralized Medical Supply Chain Management and Maintenance System for drugs, consumables and equipment in the state of Maharashtra. To make drugs and medicines easily available to the needy at all times


70 healthcare facilities and 38 warehouses assessed

Recommendations :

  • Steps for creation of Centralized Corporation for Supply Chain Management
  • Strategic framework for Efficient Supply Chain
  • Establishment of an autonomous centralized procurement unit within MSMSCL
  • Defined policies and regulatory environment
  • Develop procurement procedures/SOPs, quality assurance, monitoring mechanisms inventory management etc.
  • Provided the System Requirement Specification for statewide overall IT platform

National Projects – Hospital Information Management System (Tata Trusts)

Aim: Improvement of the health service delivery using Information Communication Technology tool allowing unrestricted data flow within the DMER framework.

Key findings :

Opportunities For Improvements were identified in terms: Infrastructure and Manpower

HMIS implemented at the departmental as well as hospital level

Recommendations :

  • Way forward by upgrading the existing HMI at DMER level and hospital level
  • Implementation of new HMIS: Single cloud/web based enterprise class application / solution, Large data back-up capacity and Disaster Recovery Center / facility which is located at a suitable distance / other state
  • Mentioned pitfalls to be avoided

National Projects – State Advisory Oncology (Tata Trusts)

Role of AAA HealthCare:

  • Understanding the healthcare accessibility: Identifying the levels of accessibility to, and patterns utilization of cancer care services
  • Mapping low cost healthcare services
  • Estimating Healthcare needs: Estimating current and future radiotherapy requirement
  • Designing the healthcare network: Evidence based decision making in designing a cancer care network
  • Designing Low Cost Healthcare Network: Identifying government infrastructure to develop a network of cancer care facilities, which shares burden across the state and provide accessible and affordable cancer care services.
  • Hospital Upgradation Plans: Assessing candidate hospitals in the states and providing detailed upgradation plans and cost in terms of infrastructure, human resources and medical equipment
  • Designing Cancer Screening and Awareness Programmes: Action Plan and Cost of Programme
  • Designing Palliative Care Programmes: Action Plan and Cost of Programme

National Projects – Coal India (Tata Trusts)

Role of AAA HealthCare:

  • Understanding the current situation of the hospitals
  • Designing new services that can be incorporated into the existing facilities
  • Planning for the space and manpower required for the new services
  • Equipment mapping for the new services