Your Trusted Medical Value Travel Partner

Why choose AAA HealthCare?

AAA HealthCare guides patients though their treatment journey with utmost transparency at every step of the way. Through our customer-centric, quality-driven, cost-effective approach along with our network of accredited service providers, we ensure credibility in our operations with the ultimate goal of providing end to end care to all our patients.

With the overall goal of improving health outcomes globally and providing access to the necessary care, AAA HealthCare does not use any external means or biases to determine the destination of treatment. The consultation and discussion for the patient case is conducted by a team of doctors with domain expertise and knowledge with regards to respective needs of patients and the concerned ailment.

The end to end service begins at the point of inquiry from the patient up until recovery post treatment. The range of services are listed below.

Medical Value Travel Services

Medical Evaluation and Consultation
Comprehensive Treatment Plans
Hospital Facility Overview
Visa Support
Travel and Accommodation Support
Airport Pickup
Personal Case Management
Local Travel Support
Communication Support
Health and Wellness Packages
Health Screening Packages
Tourism Options
Medical Discharge Report
Medication Arrangement
Recovery Plan
Appointment Scheduling
Airport Drop-off
Periodic Follow-ups