Our Team

Dr. Ahmad S. Mecklai
Founder & CEO

25 years of experience of hospital operations and administration, project planning and implementation, marketing (local and international), public relations and human resource management. Worked with the Aga Khan Development Network for over 18 years.

Dr. Rasika Taskar Birewar
Co Founder

A progressive entrepreneur with 20 years of experience in healthcare domain. Previously, launched and directed a health risk assessment company serving insurance companies and hospitals.

Dr. Kamal Cheema
Partner & Principal Consultant

42 years of experience in clinical and administrative roles in Armed Forces hospitals, Aga Khan Health Services (India) and Fortis Hospitals. Dr. Cheema has now joined AAA HealthCare

Akshaya Naik
Partner & Senior Manager

A graduate from Penn State University (IST) with masters in Marketing and International Business, Akshaya leverages an innovative mind and a futuristic approach to create analytical business solutions. His core strengths include team building, networking, and business development.

Dr. Ehtesham Ansari
Global Head

10 years of experience in Health / Hospital Administration, Operations, Quality management, business development, Hospital planning, Marketing, Empanelling & maintaining. Extensive experience in the Marketing & Business Development domain in the healthcare industry. Exemplary Customer Relationship Management and interpersonal capabilities and interfacing abilities resulting in retention of corporate clients, satisfaction and delight.

Suman Lata
Sr. Executive Operation

Suman has more than 7 years of experience in the hospital and healthcare industry. Her past work has included roles in international marketing and patient engagement, where she has assisted over 1000 patients seeking care in India across a wide-range of therapies.

Krishna Dalal
Associate Consultant, Strategy and Partnership

Krishna is a young professional with prior experience in the Pharmaceutical, Medical Device and Insurance Industries. She has worked in supply chain, medical underwriting and technology consulting fields in various capacities.