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We guide medical decisions to ensure right care, at right time and at right price. We help our clients with the selection of best doctors and hospitals from the available options.  Our Core Values encompass Transparency, Innovation, Ethical Business, Integrity and Commitment.

Specialist Referrals
Our referral medicine practice consists of Second Opinion and Telemedicine. We have an advanced telemedicine hardware and software solution which allows us to conduct remote diagnosis and facilitate remote virtual consultation with specialists in India. The key functional elements of our solution are tele-consultation, e-health records and doctor-patient collaboration.

Concierge Services
We offer comprehensive services with a compassionate approach and value experience for patients and their families. From travel logistics, visas, transportation, hospitalization and recovery, we give end-to-end extraordinary care. We offer comprehensive assistance for the complete wellness of our clients.

Patient Engagement Platform
We have a collaborative platform engaging all stakeholders in the value chain while delivering quality healthcare. Good healthcare needs more than an intent and an appointment with the doctor. It needs continuous monitoring and a personalized approach.

Outcome Management
After the patient is healed and sent home, we are very focused on keeping a track of the patient. We assiduously monitor and engage with the patients and their families in their recovery to build value for the patients until the doctors are satisfied with the overall health outcomes.

Doctor Driven Approach
We have built a robust model which focuses on enhancing the brand of medical practitioner groups who are delivering advanced medical treatments so that they are well-positioned to receive local and global patient requests.

AAA Camps are a platform for hospital partners to build brand visibility and extend specialty treatment services in overseas markets in a very reliable manner. The camps generate genuine patient leads both in the near-term as a result of camp activities and in the long-run as a result of faculty engagement and brand visibility. A medical camp will also help the hospital to raise more local awareness and to gather more local healthcare data of that particular geography, especially in countries where the local healthcare ecosystem is undeserved and sub-par in specialty care.

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