A few of our projects:

Sparsh Multispecialty Hospital (Bhubaneshwar)
Our Service:
AAA Health Care was involved in the planning of comprehensive services in Oncology with focus on research and a long term vision of teaching. This is an Integration plan between existing and new hospital

ZimLib War Memorial Hospital (Zimbabwe)
Our Service:
AAA HealthCare was involved in the planning of a 300 bedded multispecialty hospital in Zimbabwe with centers of Excellence in Oncology and Cardiac Sciences. Designing service of an integrated healthcare system with a hub and spoke model to meet the healthcare needs of the community of Zimbabwe

Nepal Veterans and Civil Hospital (Nepal)
Our Service:
AAA HealthCare planned a 320 bedded teaching hospital in Nepal for the Nepal Army. We ensured quality design delivery within the set parameters, keeping the cost in mind. Provided end- to end services in relation to the space plan, facility plan, equipment plan, manpower plan, business plan, operations plan (SOP, Clinical policies) etc.

ESIS Hospital (India)
Our Service:
Restructuring plan for a 400 bedded secondary care hospital in Mumbai. Action plan was prepared for syndication and expansion of services on the basis of ‘Public – Private – Partnership Model‘ after a diagnostic study, gap analysis and benchmarking.

Shree Birendra Hospital (Nepal)
Our Service:
Resurrection and up gradation of a 490 bedded teaching hospital in Nepal. Hospital was drastically impacted by the earthquake of 2015. End to end consultancy services were provided towards re-engineering the hospital at the strategic as well as operational level.

Krishna Eye Center (India)
Our Service:
Business process re-engineering of a chain of highly specialized eye care clinics in Mumbai. Current state assessment of 3 clinics was carried out and recommendations made for overall upgradation in the areas of operations, marketing, materials management, quality and HR. Market and financial feasibility study for the new ‘Eye Gym” set up was also conducted.

65 bedded hospital in Gujarat (India)
Our Service:
Peer review and commissioning of the hospital. AAA HealthCare is now managing the hospital. 15% reduction in Operational Expenditure, 35% decrease in turn around time, 20% reduction in Capital Expenditure, Employer of Choice

82 bedded hospital in Rajasthan (India)
Our Service:
AAA HealthCare is involved in the commissioning of the hospital providing end-to-end services in relation to procurement of equipments, manpower, business plan, operations plan etc.

Review and plan for centralized supply chain management and maintenance system for drugs, consumables and equipment in the state of Maharashtra (India)
Our Service:
AAA HealthCare assessed the current supply chain of Maharashtra as well as few other states of the country and built an action plan that would make the process more transparent and dependable. We have built in the recommendation for the setup of Maharashtra state medical supplies corporation.

Revision of Essential Drugs List and Essential Consumables list for the Government of Maharashtra (India)
Our Service:
AAA HealthCare is assisting the client is designing the essential drugs and consumables list. The current list was outdated. The new list would be more comprehensive and would serve the community at large

Current state assessment of Hospital Information Management System in State Government Hospitals of Maharashtra (India)
Our Service:
AAA HealthCare assessed the government in defining the appropriate method to implement hospital information management system into all government medical colleges and hospitals. The aim was to develop an action plan that would allow a central body to monitor the activities of these hospitals.

Setting up Dialysis Centres across a district in Western Maharashtra for the Municipal Corporation of Thane (India)
Our Service:
The municipal corporation wanted to build and operate dialysis centres for the people of Thane. AAA HealthCare was involved in the site location, procurement of equipment, manpower planning and the operational plan for the centres

Market study and dip stick analysis for a multinational company
Our Service:
A multinational company was interested in setting up rehabilitation centers in Mumbai. AAA HealthCare conducted market feasibility studies in which we interviewed cardiologists, neurologists and many more doctors for a better understanding for the market.

Review of clinical policies and formulation of clinical pathways for a hospital in Tanzania (Tanzania)
Our Service:
AAA HealthCare developed clinical policies and clinical pathways according to the international standards for a hospital in Tanzania.

Our Service:
Assessment and gap analysis, entire plan to be given for restructuring of 2 hospitals in Madhya Pradesh

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