Health Education & Training

“Creating & Mentoring Healthcare Professionals”

Due to advancement in technology and sophistication in operations of healthcare industry, there is a great need of educated paramedical technologists in the country today. AAA HealthCare Skill training would ensure enhancing individuals employability (wage/ self-employment) and ability to adapt to fast changing technologies. Through our skill development trainings, we wish to project ourselves as a reliable Institute in Healthcare industry. We are currently working with UNDP on skill development projects.

A. Hospital Training Programs:
AAA HealthCare has designed and developed hospital oriented training programs to provide constant skill up gradation training to the existing in – house employees of the hospitals. These training programs focus on both training In-house employees for their current jobs and developing skills for their future roles and responsibilities.

Fire Safety & First Aid

This program is aimed to train / orient employees of the hospitals for the preparedness of any fire hazard or such incidents that may occur in a hospital/organization setup and make them understand the importance of personal as well as patient/client safety. This will develop awareness and train them to face such accidents/hazards and participate in their rescue operations.

Disaster Management

This program is aimed to train/orient the employees in Mass Causalities and in management & preparedness for such calamities that may occur in their vicinity. This program will develop awareness of how to handle major disaster and support the management in efficient rescue operations during that time.

Soft Skills

Developing people skills along with the technical skills are more critical for an organization as well as an individual to remain competitive and productive. In the Soft skills both verbal and non-verbal are essential and important as it helps in forming impression which is very important for excellent patient counseling and competent patient care to ensure the success of healthcare organization.

Women Safety

The safety of Nurses and other Women Employees from workplace-induced injuries, illnesses and violence is important to themselves as well as to the patients/clients they serve. The presence of healthy and well-rested Female staff is critical to providing vigilant monitoring, empathic patient care, and vigorous advocacy.

B. Paramedical Training Programs:
Paramedics are the key players in the Health & Medical Sector. The increase in number of patients, variety of diseases & the demand for immense treatment have paved the way for paramedical professionals for providing better quality to human health care.Thus the field of paramedical sciences is gaining ever increasing importance and demand, offering lucrative careers in the health sector. Hence, the primary objective is to develop scientific bent of mind and create employment opportunities by developing and providing certificate training in following paramedical programs.

General Duty Assistant

They are also known as Nursing Assistants, Individual on the job who provides patient care and help maintain a suitable environment for patients and their families with a focus on their wellbeing, safety, and health needs.

Home Health Aide

Home health services enable individuals of all ages to remain in the comfort and security of their homes while receiving health care. The course will distinguish and enable the individual to provide complete care, medical management, and maintenance of safety and security measures at home for all the age groups of people by supporting, monitoring and assisting all home health care needs.

Geriatric Care Assistant

This program is aimed to train an individual in planning and coordinating the care of the elderly with physical and/or mental impairments to meet their long term care needs, to improve their quality of life and to maintain their independence.

Newborn & Infant Care Assistant

This program is aimed to train an individual to provide general care to newborns and infants and to ensure their health and safety by nurturing them.

C. Clinical Research Training:
Clinical Research is rapidly growing industry globally with a growth rate of over 20% per annum. Clinical Research studies are incredibly important to test, improve and advance new drugs, devices and methods of treatment that save and improve lives and help to build healthier and more productive communities.. To create the future of healthcare, our Clinical Research training programs aim to prepare a highly specialized and skilled professional workforce for the sector with applied knowledge in the following areas:



  • Clinical Data Management
  • Pharmacovigilance
  • Drug Regulatory Affairs
  • Medical & Scientific Content Writing
  • Healthcare & Hospital Management and Administration
  • Health Sciences Business Management
  • Biostatistics & SAS
  • Clinical Trials Management

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